We use only the best fabrics when making drapes for our customers – from wholesalers such as James Dunlop, Charles Parsons, Warwick, Nettex, Basford Brands, Irvines, The Textile Company, Filagree, Ken Bimler and Textillia. These can be finished in the style best-suited to your home, which is a key point discussed with customers during their free consultation. To accompany our drapes we make beautiful Roman blinds, finished in the style that works best in your space.

We fit-out homes, commercial properties, and rental properties, as well as holiday homes and campervans.

Our main Drape Styles:

  • Reverse pleating
  • Inverted pleating
  • Wave pleating
  • Dutch
  • Single pleat
  • French pleating
  • Eyelet
  • Pencil Pleating